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May 2, 2023: Overall Winner!

Overall Winner!

This image won FIRST PLACE in the 2023 Ducks Unlimited Photo Contest!  Not bad for the first time that I have ever entered a photo contest.  Details can be found in the May/June 2023 issue of Ducks Unlimited Magazine  in print (or online at and on various Ducks Unlimited social media sites.

October 20, 2022: 2022 Updates

Hi everyone!  It's been far too long since my last update, so this set will contain quite a number of new photographs.  I'm excited to hear your reaction to this latest set.  I hope you enjoy them.

February 2, 2020: Winter Wonderland

Winter photography can present numerous challenges, including very difficult travel, extremely limited opportunities, and down right uncomfortable conditions, however, with persistence, and a lot of luck, the results can be quite striking.

October 1, 2019: Riding The Railroad

For me, the nostalgia of steam locomotives is hard to beat.  Photographing them can give you an even greater appreciation for the men, and the machines, that brought about the industrial boom both in the United States, and around the world.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

May 2, 2019: A Quick Trip To Arizona

I recently made a quick trip to Arizona and returned with several photographs that I'm proud of.  Hope you enjoy the sights from this truly unique landscape.

March 27, 2019: Spring Waterfowl

The Spring waterfowl migration proved to be rather limited and very short in overall duration this year.  Although the opportunities were relatively few, I'm pleased with the photographs that I was able to capture.  Hope you enjoy them as well.

December 25, 2018: Merry Christmas To All!

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to New Mexico where I had the opportunity to photograph many different species of birds (including many different hawks, cranes, ducks, and geese), a few coyotes, a couple of bobcats, as well as a few days of photography among white sand dunes.  As you can see from the large quantity of photographs that have just been added to the website, it was a very productive trip.

Hope you enjoy the new photographs, and as always, any and all feedback is appreciated.

Merry Christmas everyone!

FYI: The most recent batch of 'new photos' includes everything down to the light house photograph, or you can search 'New Mexico' to find them.

November 22, 2018: New Fall 2018 Photographs

As many of you know, I always enjoy 'chasing Fall color' each Autumn.  While this Fall didn't exhibit the bright yellows, oranges, and reds of past years, I still managed to come away with a few nice photographs.  Hope you enjoy them!

July 4, 2018: Independence Day In Pittsburgh

It was great to celebrate America's independence over this past July 4th overlooking downtown Pittsburgh, where the fireworks are always spectacular.  Of course, I had my camera in tow so I could bring back a few photos for everyone to enjoy.  Hope you like them.

May 2018: Spring Warbler Migration and Owls!

The Spring warbler migration proved to be fun and exciting, yet unpredictable as always.  Some 'expected' birds were no-shows early on, yet some 'unexpected' birds were pleasant surprises, such as a lone Kentucky Warbler.

In addition, it was a very good Spring for owls, including three different Great Horned Owl nests with owlets, a female Eastern Screech Owl, and a male red morph Eastern Screech Owl.  Very exciting indeed!

I want to thank my friend Pat H. for her help finding and identifying the wide array of birds we witnessed, her insight and guidance to the parks and local area, but most importantly, for her excitement and friendship.  Thank you Pat.

April 2018: The 2018 Sun N Fun Airshow

I recently attended the 2018 Sun N Fun Airshow in Florida and returned with many great images.  The weather was great and the aircraft were outstanding!  Be sure to check out the photos in my Aviation category.

March 31, 2018: Spring Waterfowl!

The Spring waterfowl migration is beginning to wind down here in my local area.  Despite the unpredictable waterfowl migration patterns, and the occasional bitter cold, I was fortunate enough to come away with some great photographs!  

Be sure to checkout the "Waterfowl" category or the "News" category for the new additions.  With a little luck, I may have a few more to add over the next couple of weeks.  

I want to thank my friend Dave for his generosity in sharing his very special place with me.

Finally, a special thanks goes to my good friend Kirk for always finding the ducks, no matter what the conditions, and for helping me to succeed - Thank You Kirk.

January 28, 2018: Official website launch!

The new website is finally up and running!  Hope you enjoy the new look as well as the new photographs!

January 22, 2018: New website launch coming soon!

Welcome to the online galleries of D. Todd Schneider.  I'm in the process of putting the finishing touches on my new website.  A formal 'grand opening' will be coming soon.  Stay tuned!

Feel free to share your thoughts (good, bad, or otherwise) regarding the website or the photographs using the contact me link.  Please check back again for more images of our beautiful world.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the new site!  Thanks for visiting.

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